Auto Hide IP 5.3 + Patch

Auto Hide IP  is a kind of software that allows you to hide your IP from your browser, Auto Hide IP is also useful to anticipate from hacker attacks and the audience will not be jawab.Tidak Netcuters few of the hackers that hack IP address of the victim computer / laptop on our own. Well, Auto Hide IP will help you conceal your real IP and protect your identity online. With this software you do not need to worry about privacy and security any more. Browsing anonymously (no name or trace) with one click from now on.

Main Features :
Anonymous Web Surfing

Assign you fake IP addresses which will make hackers taken in, by this way, your IP could be disguised from online predators.

Protect Your Identity

Hide your real IP when surfing the web to prevent hackers or identity thieves from monitoring your web activity or stealing your personal information such as your financial information.

Choose IP Country

You decide to use fake IP from different countries via "Choose IP Country" option and you can check the current IP directly.

Send Anonymous E-mails

Hide your real IP address in email headers. Be protected in email-sending from Yahoo!, Hotmail and GMail, etc.

Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Message Boards

Use Auto Hide IP to change your IP, then you can get access to any forums or restricted websites that have banned you.
                                                                      Auto Hide IP   

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