Tips To Double Your World of Warcraft Leveling Speed



When someone sets out to level a brand new character in WoW, they can find themselves easily discouraged because of the long haul in front of them.  Yes, leveling can be a grueling process, but it doesn’t have to be.
There are bad habits that you can cut out of your leveling gameplay that will ensure your toon will never slow to a snail’s pace.  These “minor things” don’t seem to merit your attention, but they will add up to a MAJOR time drain.  By eliminating them, you also will eliminate the grueling process.
It really all boils down to time management, right?
#1 Letting Leveling Become a Marathon
How many times have you set your hearthstone at an Inn, and forgot to use it?  While questing, you can save yourself anywhere from 5-30 minutes of running to turn a quest in, if you just use your hearthstone.  Forgetting to use your hearthstone once isn’t that bad, but you can see how this adds up to wasting a lot of time.
#2 Overestimating City Attractions
While leveling a toon, you have to periodically visit a major city to visit class and profession trainers.  Taking your toon to a city to train is legit, but how often should you train?  The most time efficient way to handle the training situation is to visit the major cities when you are “in the area” and reserve going out of your way for when your level ends in 0; as these are the points at which you will have the most abilities to train in.
#3 Underestimating Travel Time
Beware of sitting in the AH and browsing for gear to level in.  Getting distracted by shopping at the AH is just one of the things that cities have to offer in the “time drain” category.  To combat this, you can make a bank alt, and park it next to the AH.  Then, if you insist on browsing the AH, at least you didn’t waste time by running your other characters 30 or more minutes across the map.  Not taking advantage of a bank alt may seem like small potatoes, but it’s a short walk to the mail box from the AH. 
#4 Giving Away Control Over Your Leveling Speed
We’ve all had the thought that “hey, elite mobs in dungeons give a ton of xp, so I should just queue for random dungeons.”  But there are too many variables that can come into play and spoil the idea of dungeon leveling.  Yes you’ll be getting xp while you’re in the dungeon, but what about the downtime?  And what if you get a fail group?  Some dungeon runs will grant you a whole level worth of XP or more at the lower levels, but it’s not worth it if the groups drag out for hours at a time.
Look, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you can’t dungeon and pvp with your lowbies.  But, if you want to be an efficient power-leveler, you can’t waste your time with those things.
After having leveled handfuls of toons, the X-Elerated Warcraft Guides Team has pinpointed and highlighted every little time waster that you could possibly encounter while leveling, so that you can avoid them. 
And the list of “minor things that add up” is a long one.  If you want to free your leveling from the clutches of these minor things, look no further.  The X-Elerated Warcraft Guide Package will turn you into a well-oiled leveling machine.
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