RegCure Pro 3.1.3 Incl Crack

RegCure Pro 3.1.3  is an easy to use application that allows you to optimize your computer by cleaning the registry.

Upgraded from the popular RegCure software, RegCure Pro adds bonus tools and scans to make your PC faster than ever. With just three clicks you can scan, clean and repair, and bring your PC back up to speed!

The registry scan, the core of RegCure Pro software, has been updated to optimize the registry of the latest version of Windows. It searches out errors in the registry than can lead to slow downs, error messages, and other problems.

Next is the malware scan, which locates and destroys active malware on your machine. These nasty infections can spy on your personal activities, annoy you with ads, and do their worst to scam you. For added protection, RegCure Pro also features a privacy scan, to help remove personal data and junk files from your PC. Combine these tools, and RegCure Pro makes your computer faster and better protected, with fewer errors and optimized performance.
Plus, RegCure Pro includes bonus tools, to help with even more computer annoyances. Have you ever had a file you couldn’t open? The File Manager tool will help take care of this by finding software to open all file types. Have you ever wished your PC would start faster?

The RegCure Pro Startup Manager will let you cut our unwanted startup processes for a lightning fast boot speed. Do files take too long to save or recall? RegCure Pro’s Defragmenter tool can help with this. Additional tools like BHO manager and Process Manager also work to help you browse the web better, and boost overall speed.

RegCure Pro is completely backed up by ParetoLogic’s veteran customer care and support team. Not only do you receive free customer support, but free product updates too, so that your software always matches ParetoLogic’s cutting edge research.

                                                       RegCure Pro 3.1.3 Incl Crack

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