How to fix the PS3 Yellow/Red/Green Lights errors

Do you have PS3 Yellow/Red/Green Lights errors and want to know what is causing it? There have been several people who have had this problem and for many it has caused their PlayStation to stop working. Having a broken game system is no fun!
Once you learn what is causing your PS3 Y.R.G. Lights, you will be able to fix it.
One reason that a PS3 might have a blinking light is because the cables are loose on it. The fix is easy! All you have to do is check the connections of the wires coming out of and going into your PS3 to make sure that everything is secure. Once you have checked and made sure everything is tight, try restarting your PlayStation console and find out if this took care of it.

Ps3 Error : Red Light

Another reason that you might be getting a blinking red light is because your PS3 is overheating.
This is an issue that most of the time messes up a PlayStation for good until it is fixed.
If you have your gaming system in a closed area, you should move it to a well ventilated one. Let it sit and cool off for a few hours and then try once again to turn it on.
If you are still getting a flashing red light then you have the biggest problem anyone could have with their PS3.
The most common reason for getting a PS3 blinking red light is due to a hardware failure.
Most of the time what this means is there is a problem with your motherboard. If you contact Sony they will tell you that they can fix it, but it will cost you time and money and your hard drive will be wiped clean when you get your console back.
Another way is to repair it yourself at home. All you need is the right set of instructions to help you take your PS3 apart, retain the data on your hard drive, and fix your motherboard.
Check out this repair kit, I found it very helpful for me personally to fix  “red screen of death” in my PS3

Ps3 Error : Yellow Light (of death)

This is the most recurring problem of all, however, it is not as bad as the red light. It is just a warning that it may eventually turn into a red light, it signifies that it might shut down any time soon. You can avoid this by removing the dust and keeping the console clean at all times.
Overheating is a major problem, so keeping the console ventilated while you’re playing is a must!

You can try to fix it with  a free download of Gilksy's PS3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide.

                                   Rob Sheffield's ( Pro PS3 repairman) Repair Guide.


Ps3 Error : Green Light

This error signifies that your graphics card doesn’t work anymore. You can try rebooting your console, but first let it rest for about 10 minutes. To do this, perform a “soft rest”. A soft rest is executed by holding down the power button to switch it off. Also, try taking out the hard drive and re-insert it again.

If you’re a long time PlayStation owner, then you know that errors like this don’t just occur on the Ps3. However, if you’re a newbie and a first time owner, it’s best that you make use of a step-by-step guide to help you out.

This  guide contains detailed and professional videos and PDF manuals for the following problems:

Blinking Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
Solid/flashing Red Light
Flashing Green Light issue
3 beeps issue
Red Screen
Black Screen of Death
Freezing Screen (during gameplay or during the menu)
HDMI issue
DNS error issue
No Power issue
Audio problem
PS3 Controllers
Blu-ray Drive (after freezing and blu-ray not accepting)
PLUS: Every single PS3 error code you may have!
Also, it will give you tips on how you can avoid these errors from recurring.

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We hope you find it  useful!


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